crafted by photobiz

I've been looking back through Tiff's pictures and I just can't over how beautiful they turned out. I've seen so many senior pics and I haven't seen any as beautiful as these. Beautiful subjects but the pictures just aren't as beautiful. Love, love, love them.

Crazy good!!! You truly have mastered your craft lady!! Brad Reagan

OH AMBER! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for doing our pictures again! I AM SO EXCITED TO SHOW THE REST OF MY FAMILY! I feel like this time in our lives is going by so fast and I just love it that you gave us a beautiful snapshot of this moment with our kids at this young age. When they are acting up, I think I will be able to go to our wall and see these photos and I will appreciate God's wonderful gift of these precious little people. THANK YOU! I love them! You are the greatest! Emily Coleman

Thank you, thank you, thank you Amber! You did a great job! I can't wait to show the kids how great these turned out. Kelly Stewart

AMBER ~OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Seriously a big thanks to you!!!!!!! We love you and your work!!!! Phenomenal job and we are going to have a tough time picking out the best of the best! We had so much fun!!! Thanks for the Christmas idea and time frame!!! I need a little reminder from time-to-time to be proactive and get in gear for the holidays. Thank you for being so wonderful... I was just talking to Kelly and Katie this weekend about how great you are to work with and of course they both agreed!!!!! LK

Amber, YOU ARE GREAT!! Kevin could not have had better Senior pictures. He looked made me cry when I looked at them online. You are so passionate with your job, and that makes you an awsome photographer! Thanks so much! Sandy

You are awesome!! Amber, God has giving you such a wonderful gift. You have captured such precious moments that I will treasure for a lifetime! Thanks, Janet

We feel so blessed that we found you and that you were so generous to shoot us! We are keeping you, you are officially "our" photographer! Have a great day, love ya! Shay

Thank YOU!! We are so happy with all of the pictures!!! I have been looking at them since I walked in the door from work! The pictures are so perfect! I just could not be any happier :) Whit and I really appreciate you getting them to us so soon. AND I am so excited that we have them in time to put under the tree! You have just been so wonderful to work with and I am so happy to have had you there with us that weekend! Thanks again Amber! Emily Denton Weeks

Received photos today!!! They are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!!! Love, Debbie V.

You did a fabulous job, Amber! We are so happy w/ the pictures. A. Robinson

You're awesome! I love how sweet you are because it makes us feel so comfortable getting our pictures taken! Thank you for making his one year pics so special and fun!! Becky Shofner

Oh Amber! I cried when I saw our photos! You always catch us just as we are....thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with us! These pictures scream with our girls personality and capture our little family perfectly! I have NO IDEA how we are going to decide which ones to order! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for knowing us and for creating this lifetime memory! When I was showing the girls Mia said, "I want to see Ms. Amber." Too funny! We are very blessed to know you! Thank you.....Thank you.....Thank you! We LOVE you and the talent you share! Sheila

Hey!!! You are the best! THANK YOU for my most loved treasure that I own! :) I love our photographs and they are that much more special since you took them! When I get all framed and up I want you to come see them on my walls!Also, thank you for the ones you added in! I haven't figured out what all since I haven't gone through the entire order...but, I love my family wallets and the square pic of the girls! I was sick the next day that I didn't order the picture of Justin chasing the girls. He told me not to and so I listened (why start now, right?). So, I almost cried when I saw that picture in my stack! Thank you for any others that you added on. I am so grateful; there is truly nothing one can buy that means more to me than these pics. :) Hope you are having a great day! Love ya, Karrie

No words! Thank you for taking the time to find all the perfect locations to showcase Calyn’s personality through your beautiful photography!!! H. Wisdom